Four Reasons Why Having a Garden Sculpture Is a Great Idea

Posted On : July 12th, 2017

Metropolitan cities in today’s world are highly congested. There are space constraints everywhere and living in a well connected area with ample space is next to impossible. Amidst all this having a garden can be a welcome respite. Not only can children play there safely, but even adults can get the chance to socialize and relax. A flower garden is very archaic in nature and maintaining seasonal flowers can be quite a hassle. But luckily enough there is an interesting alternative to hiring full time gardeners. You can simply contact a Contemporary Garden Sculpture Service Provider in the city!

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Celebrate Art in Daily Life with Modern Sculptures

Posted On : July 6th, 2017

modern garden sculptures in Kolkata

Have you ever heard the phrase “Earth without ‘art’ is just eh!”? Well even if you have not, you ought to take note of this fact.

The application of human creative skill, imagination and spatial intelligence has the potential of turning around a seemingly mediocre creation to one that has extraordinary calibre. You can earn all the money in the world but nothing will bring peace to your soul unless there is an artistic touch in the environment around you.

Life in the city is mostly spent running helter skelter and being caught in this quagmire devoid of the finer things in life can get tiring. But of course not all that is concrete is dull and drab. Getting a glimpse of beautiful sculptures can be a welcome relief for the sore eyes used to the sights of a concrete jungle.If you get in touch with a reputed sculpture manufacturer in Kolkata they can provide you with exquisite pieces of art which will deck up your office or your home.

The Following are Three Ideas will Help you along in this Process.

The Buddhist Aura:

As you must know already, Buddhism is a symbol of peace, tranquillity and a great path to obtain spiritual freedom. Buddhist religion has influenced artwork not only in India but also many other countries including China, Tibet, Myanmar, etc. In fact one of the most significant symbols of the Indian state, which is the Ashoka Stambha happens to carry Buddhist heritage.

A sculpture of Buddha carries a lot of meaning. The ushnisha or tuft of hair on top his head is a mark of wisdom and enlightenment. The serene smile on his face is known to have a very calming and soothing affect. You can also choose a lotus sculpture as an alternative to this.

Abstract Patterns:

Among the modern garden sculptures in Kolkata the abstract form is very popular. And why would it not be so? Abstract patterns give the viewer a golden opportunity to expand his or her imagination and come up with innovative interpretations. It is intriguing and engaging at the same time. So having an abstract sculpture installed could be a great way to enhance the beauty of your housing establishment and inspire curiosity.

Human Forms:

Human beings have an inherent tendency to instantly connect to forms akin to theirs. Having human forms which are seen to be casually interacting or bonding in some way creates a friendly atmosphere. Install sculptures of faceless humans to encourage camaraderie and style.

This list is of course not exhaustive, but merely a basic guideline. Feel free to explore more!