Visualize Your Concepts In Reality With Fiberglass!

Posted On : September 14th, 2020

In our previous article, we have already mentioned that fiberglass is one of the wonderful mediums of décor items and you can Enrich Your Interior With Fiber sculptures. It is an almost revolutionary material in the décor world for home, garden, or public spaces. This special material allows the sculptors for a much finer rendering of statues and sculptures than other materials. In fact, fiberglass sculpture has become quite the trend in both interior and outdoor design.

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Smart and Easy Brass Sculpture Cleaning Strategies

Posted On : May 25th, 2020

Sculpture in India

Brass metal looks beautiful and having this at home feels great. Most of us have this fascinating property at our homes in the form of sculpture or any other. Currently brass is again making its way into interiors as a trendy sheen. In addition to that, no one can deny that brass is one of the most popular metals for crafting unique sculptures as well as ornamental pieces. The reason is this metal has a unique shine and luster. At the same time, the other fact is that it is s a cost-effective material for the brass sculpture companies for making sculptures.

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Wood Sculptures for You from the Woods

Posted On : January 30th, 2020

Wooden sculpture manufacturer How much you like your wood sculptures? No doubt to the most.

Do you know how much effort the turners put into for any small or big piece of wood sculpture! Yes, they are very serious about their work so that they can offer you the best sculpture art work. Know the wood story from one of the best wooden sculpture manufacturer in Kolkata.

Making of a fine wood sculpture is based on choosing the appropriate wood for carving. Beside the type of wood there are many other factors that matters in carving the woods-

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Dress Up Your Blank Walls with Style

Posted On : January 29th, 2020

artwork for wall decoration Most people buy art to decor their homes. Because buying artworks do not come naturally unless you are an art curator, an artist or a gallery owner. So you may be worried while choosing the size or the colors to match your home style. Choosing stylish artwork for wall decoration is much more intuitive than one might think if you follow a few simple rules.

Our previous article Pro Tips for Choosing Wall Decor by Size has given you the ideas on how you can select artworks by size that goes perfectly with the home space or the furniture nearby. But just the size is not enough, the style of the artwork also matters for the home interior. For instance, for the sports room, a large oil painting of Buddha is not the one that the room truly needs.

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Enrich Your Interior with Fiber Sculpture

Posted On : January 24th, 2020

fiber Sculpture Till now whatever decor tips we have shared with you among them fiber sculpture is one of the most wonderful décor items. fiber is the modern artistic medium to produce sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. The fiber objects are very fascinating and are intended to make a sculptural or decorative statement.

The fiber art industry is dominated by fiberglass blowers for a certain time, but the new rising fiber sculpture companies have taken the challenge and taken it up to an extraordinary level of the art form. One such company in Kolkata namely ConnectArt has made out some of the finest optical lead crystal and dichroic fiber that has been meticulously cut and polished. Each sculpture piece features more than a hundred cuts and naturally sparkles like large diamonds. The beauty and complexity of the glass sculptures make them ConnectArt’s one of the most demanding sculptures.

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Sculpture And Architecture: The Integrated Relation

Posted On : January 8th, 2020

Sculpture Manufacturers Kolkata The sculpture has a major relation to architecture. While constructing buildings architects often attempt to play with several spatial and formal concepts using sculptures to give it a wonderful look. Even sometimes due to limited budgetary and engineering constraints, the inadequateness is covered with stunning sculptures. However, the sculpture is such a medium that can perform formal and spatial tests to an aesthetic extent without architectural limitation. There are several modern sculpture artists and sculpture manufacturers in Kolkata whose products can be seen as architecture.

The sculpture is a man-made outcropping that uses simple gestures to produce an awe-inspiring interaction. One such sculpture manufacturing company in Kolkata is ConnectArt, their works deal with the sense of monumentality, sense of beauty, sense of abstractness. The creator plays with different aspects of life, scale, reflection and a manner of construction. Also, by using various natural and man-made materials sculptors play with the perception and scale of the artificial landscape.

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Stroke the Finishing Touches to Your Small Garden

Posted On : January 3rd, 2020

garden fiberglass sculpture These days designing a garden is more than art. To make a lasting impression on the target audience and compel them to stop and give a look to your creation, choose a variety that can survive.

Every human brain searches and acknowledges the creative and proper visual cues. But designing a garden is sometimes challenging. On the one hand, it is a place of refreshment and on the other hand, it must-have elements of interest and which can be achieved by placing a garden fiberglass sculpture for maximum optimal view.

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Facts to Know About Fiberglass and the Sculpture Artist

Posted On : December 28th, 2019

fiberglass sculpture artist
When particular human forms are mimicked, it becomes amazing. A fiberglass sculpture artist can turn his fiberglass mat sculptures as realistic or abstract as he desires. The sculpture artist does this expertly as they are trained in model making and puppetry sculptures. When you look at the amazing creations, they almost appear to be people frozen in place, some are life-sized, some smaller or larger. The sculptures have hair; for one thing, the other parts also have variations in color and making.

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A Stunningly Beautiful Garden to stress relief

Posted On : December 28th, 2019

outdoor garden sculpture
Beautiful gardens make your home warm and colorful. As making a home garden is part of your happiness, just a bit of your effort and love can totally change the look of your yard. A dream garden is a place to call home at the end of your 9-6 routine, a beautiful place to lit up after a long day of work. Sometimes the garden becomes as refreshing as you wish than the home cannot be, and welcomes you before you set your foot in the house.

In this article, we will look at how to make a home garden that can refresh you and relief your stress. Read this article and explore how you can transform your front or backyard considering some factors with these simple and basic tips!

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Tips: How to Display Your Indoor Fiberglass Sculpture

Posted On : December 17th, 2019

Indoor Fiberglass Sculpture
If you want to give your home a rich, multi-layered look three-dimensional pieces are essential. And, of course, one large indoor fiberglass sculpture makes quite the statement. Incorporating and well-placed pieces add value to the decor in a variety of ways.

Set the space for the sculpture

Just buying and placing is not enough. As sculptures are a three-dimensional art form, these works must be viewable from multiple angles. Think and try to place them in the center of the living room. This will get the best optimal view of the sculpture. But if this placing obstructs the room’s traffic flow, you may want to choose a different spot.

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