The Creation and Conservation of Garden Sculptures

The Creation and Conservation of Garden SculpturesSculptures enhance the beauty and liveliness of a space be it an exterior or an interior space. Explore the catalog of Garden Sculpture Art in Kolkata.

There were two types of gardens in the ancient times, sacred gardens and the domestic gardens. Sculptures of the kings of those periods and the statues of Gods and Goddesses were placed in the temple compounds, sacred lakes, and the sacred groves. Gradually, sculptures became an important aspect of garden artwork and are still favored for the purpose of flaunting the outdoor artworks. Among the other materials used by the top Sculpture Manufacturer in Kolkata, stone and bronze are considered as the most surviving materials. Besides these two, the other materials used are wax, wood, fiber, glass, etc. In order to avoid the invasive and the extensive calamities, regular maintenance of the garden sculptures is mandatory. Both appropriate restoration and good maintenance are needed to proceed with the exploration of the manufacturing of these outdoor sculptures, the materials used, the intent of the artist, the local climate, and the size and type of space where the sculpture has to be placed.

While the traditional bronze sculptures survive for a long time period, other metal sculptures with a patent varnish coating or fully painted with a solid color will last and survive only till the time when the coating will stay intact. Wear deface and discoloration on the appearance finally leads to the reduction of the layer or the coating and corrosion besides other damages of the metal. Composite plastic fiberglass-reinforced polyester is another material that is preferred for both its durability and appearance for manufacturing. Although long-lasting and strong, this twentieth-century raw material is found to have its own wearing issues and deterioration properties.

The Maintenance, Conservation, and Prevention of Garden Sculptures:-

Surface cleaning on a daily basis or at frequent intervals is the most basic process of maintenance of the garden sculptures. The cleaning technique can be performed by the trained staffs by using small cloth pieces, soft brushes, water, neutral surfactants, and sponges. More updated cleaning techniques like rinsing with the low-pressure water mixed with brushes and the cleaning cloth must be done on requirement only and also if the raw material is enough durable. This cleaning approach must be carried out quite cautiously by the conservator because an inappropriate cleaning medium and tool can be the reason for a severe damage.

Tears, flaking of the coating or paint, or any other damages need repairing as soon as possible. Localized repairing methods include the clearing away of the worn out materials. Filling the damaged area and an unwavering retouching often necessitates the irreversible loss of the original materials. This kind of loss is considered secondary for saving the whole statuette and the appearance of it, because delaying intercession of doing just nothing will facilitate further decaying of the sculpture, which can make the owner to spend more on its repair at the end. So, take proper care of every artwork and buy the best quality sculptures from the top manufacturer of  Garden Sculpture Art in Kolkata.