Modern Sculpture and its Prospect

Modern Sculpture and its ProspectIf you have played in the mud in the childhood, if you enjoy carving or molding figures from clay, metal, block, marble, or other materials, if you have innovative artistic talent and ability to turn your imagination in reality, a career as a sculptor. Ahead to this if you want to run a modern sculpture company in Kolkata success is not far away from you.

The beginning of modernism in Indian sculpture has now created the demand for the newly emerging sculpture industry, and the trend of collecting miniature art form within upper and middle social classes have been noticed. The innovation and creativity of modern Indian sculptors also can be seen in the intense and exaggerated realism during this period.

The sculpture collection in the National Gallery of Modern Art, Kolkata by the famous artists such as Ramkinkar Baij, Debiprasad Roy Chowdhury, Sankho Chaudhuri, Pradosh Dasgupta and many contemporary artists narrate the story of the rich history of modern sculptures and has raised the interest in common people for this form of Art.

Taking modern sculpting as one of the ways of business prospect which is growing gradually, a niche market is showing interest in its expansion on the basis of the increasing demand of upper and upper-middle-class clients. Despite the difficulties and arduous processes, sculpture companies are still passionate enough to make a career out of this ever-expanding art form. Dedicated sculpture artists are also angling towards a career in sculpture.

A significant proportion of the art market is covered by modern sculpture industry. The raising awareness about this art form is helping lay a strong foundation, besides positioned Kolkata as one of the major art destinations. The sculpture art galleries and the individual companies have started dominating and increasing their share in the overall market pie.

The development of technology has widened considerably the scope of establishing oneself as a contemporary sculpture company. Further, recently social media is changing the game. Branding online is a popular concept now for individuals and companies. Going through the different amazing picture posts of the creations by the media account holders is doing magic to the viewers. They feel attracted and interested in buying. Regardless of the location, online publicity can widen the social media audience and that eventually, boosts recognition and results in increased sales.

Once the company owner is determined, proper market research and outlining the potential buyers can make a successful business plan. Taking the opportunity of current trend of exhibiting sculpture works in interiors and exteriors, (the most feasible places like public parks, hotels, restaurants, various big and small establishments, home interior, fare and festivals, retail stores and wherever possible) come forward and tie up with them – you never know what chance of success waits for your sculpture work. Remember nothing is bigger than self-promotion and you would be surprised at how easy it is to draw people to you.