Pushing the Limits of Wood

Unique sculptures for saleWooden sculpture manufacturer – Have you seen our recent wood creation series on musical figures in Siddha House or the statue of Lord Buddha at OZONE? Aren’t those amazing!

These striking figures have risen up the aura of the buildings. As a wooden sculpture manufacturer, we know how to communicate with the atmosphere, more appropriately when the sculptures are meant for indoors.

Wood may be the most commonplace and one of the oldest art materials, long used in India and many other parts of the world. With its powerful, elegant, minimal, and playful forms, we have positioned wood as a viable contemporary material for sculpturing. Due to the availability of digital tools for design and fabrication, it has become a bit easier to manipulate in recent years and give shape as per the artist’s imagination. CAD programs, CNC machines, and laser cutters are some of the tools that have expanded the possibilities of shaping wood, making it more versatile. However, those cannot reduce the need for hard-earned manual skill.

Our most innovative wood sculpture makers are not necessarily taking advantage of the newest technology. We still prefer to whet following the traditional woodcraft techniques and reinvigorate the methods of sculpting wood that are of date back. You will surely accept that human hand is still infinitely more complex than any multi-tasking machine.

Employing the modern variety of conceptual and technical approaches we have built strong relationships to the material, despite its challenges. Be the witness of this attractive craftsmanship with us.