World Famous Outdoor Sculptures and Parks that One Must View

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We often think viewing art is an indoor experience. But today’s famous outdoor sculpture parks and garden sculptures across the world encourage viewers to fan out, mill the grounds and stumble upon incredible works of art.

Focusing on modernist and contemporary artists, many of the sites have both permanent collections and a set of rotating exhibitions for a different experience for visitors year-round. Let’s take a look at some of the world-class sculptures that may feel you travel the world.


In Poland, the monument is located in the busy section of Wroclaw. The monument was opened for public on the 24th anniversary of martial law. The people, who were living at the time of martial law, know that it is real. These fourteen life-size characters are made of bronze.


People of the River statue series of Singapore make one understand the history of the place, created by Chong Fah Cheong. On the left side of the historical Cavenagh Bridge, you’ll see the First Generation, a frozen-motion sculpture of five boys diving off to go for a swim in the river. It reminds that many years ago, children played alongside bumboats unloading their wares.

Another sculpture to the right of the First Generation is Chettiars to Financiers. This is homage to the history of the finance industry in Singapore that started with simple traditional moneylenders. The Chettiars are a subset of the Tamil community who come from Chettinad in India.

Walking towards the Fullerton Hotel you can find the River Merchants, the third sculpture of the series. This sculpture depicts a European merchant discussing business with a Chinese trader and Malay chief. By then a group of coolies loading a bullock cart in a short distance.


Marseilles, France. Marseille’s status gives recognition as the European Capital of Culture. The artist Bruno Catalano created 10 life-size bronze sculptures to be displayed along the waterfront titled “Les Voyageurs” means ‘The Travelers’. In this series each surrealist sculpture with huge portions of their bodies missing, carries a single suitcase, weighing them down, but also serving as their only means of support. The elegant quality of the work contrasts the melancholy, existential themes of the art.


Long Island City, Queens, New York. This former landfill and illegal dumpsite were transformed into a premier sculpture park in 1986 by a group of community members led by artist Mark di Suvero. The park remains open 365 days a year and almost 90,000 people visit the site a year. This outdoor sculpture park has both rotating exhibitions, as well as permanent sculptures including a wide range of community activities.


Oslo, Norway. The park is located just outside Oslo’s city center. Some of the masterpieces by Louise Bourgeouis, Salvador Dalí, and Jenny Holzer are just an incredible collection of modern and contemporary sculpture. The Norwegian capital is an additional sweeping view over.

You certainly have loved these few examples of the sculptures inspired you to know more about sculptures–. Feel free to find out such more stories with us and keep going.