A Guide to Beautify Your Garden

A Guide to Beautify Your Garden
If you have a small piece of land in front of your house or the backyard, by placing a graceful trellis or a weathered fountain you can turn it into a perfect eye-soothing ornamented garden. Whether it is a small privet garden at the heart of Kolkata city or a classic suburban backyard, to make it a pleasant one, require a lot of hard work. Putting plants, shade, seating, walkways, possible water features, and grass, still you could feel missing something: a garden sculpture art.

Garden ornament or garden sculpture art adds another dimension to the piece of land and give it a year-round appeal. Here are some tips and tricks to guide how you shape the garden sculpture that will help complete the look of the landscape.

Sculpture selection

Badly chosen sculptures can make your yard look messy, crowded and tacky. Plan the placement of the garden sculptures that match your garden furniture. Think about the theme of your garden if it has one. Mixing themes up will result in cluttered and awkward look instead of an eclectic one. Be selective while buying the sculpture. Do not buy anything just because it’s trendy or you liked the piece of work most. Do not buy on impulse if it is not a requirement for your nice garden.


The placement of the sculpture depends on several factors. The size and the type of garden makes a huge difference in placing the art piece. You can opt for an abstract sculpture that has a good focal point from all angles. An abstract garden sculpture evokes an emotional response of the visitors as well.


Size of the sculpture matters. It is the primary factor in choosing garden sculpture. The too larger sculpture will become a focal point unless you have a very large garden. Evaluate the fixing place and choose a comparatively smaller or medium sculpture artwork to make the garden more intimate. Small sculptures are better pick and add additional value to the seating areas help set the mood as well.


There are numbers of materials available for garden sculptures. Concrete and Limestone is commonly used and relatively cheap. Other sculpture materials such as metal, fiberglass are a bit costly but offer more design flexibility. While metal garden sculptures are the most durable, weather can cause crack concrete and Limestone over time.

As Water Features

Garden sculpture, used as a water feature is a very common yet interesting combination found in gardens old and new, great and small. When some sculptures have fountain spouts, some look nice sitting in the middle or edge of a pond or perched on an artificial waterfall. A simple and nice bird bath may also add some friendly feathered life to your garden.

Whatever the style of your garden, harmonize it with an excellent garden sculpture. Using some of the mentioned techniques you may find the perfect garden for you. These sculptures not only bring aesthetic sense but also help define the personality of a garden and the garden owner too. Just to add- a quick stop at a sculpture store like Connect Art, Kolkata, will reveal a wide range of ideas in front of you.