Add Glam to Your Office Interiors with Wall Arts

office wall art Idea
Around the globe, it has been well researched and found that interior with artwork in the workplace helps businesses addressing common everyday challenges such as increasing creativity, reducing stress, and encouraging the expression of opinions. Artwork offers breathing space to employees from humdrum activities motivates them to think creatively and can play an important role in setting the tone of the culture that the company promotes in the office.

Office interior with artworks often leaves visitors with a lasting impression. Wall art in the office can be an excellent conversation starter and helps in nonverbal communication. So if you have decided to give your office an artsy touch, it’s a wise and worthy investment. Now, let us guide you to plan and implement office wall art ideas and help you to move in the right direction.

1. Prior Planning

It’s good to plan in advance to select your artwork and the placement before the interiors are completed. This would help the designer to integrate the right kind of artwork according to the nature of the business. If planned well one can order for the wall to wall custom artwork to achieve the desired look for a particular space.

2. Synchronicity

While planning keep in mind the simultaneous placing of the wall arts which must appear significantly. You can choose a theme for your artwork on the basis of the company philosophy, culture and the message you want to communicate. When choosing multiple artworks, you can keep the theme common but with different mediums. If you have large walls to cover, can go for a series of artworks. That would look lovely and would create sync in the overall theme.

3. Focus on the colors

Colors represent the brand. Most offices have their brand colors and want to incorporate that in the interior. So, it is a good idea to select the artworks syncing with the overall color scheme that fuses well with the decor.

4. Focus on sizes too

While you are trying to communicate and inspire the visitors and employees with great artworks, you must be careful about the sizes as well. Improper sizes can be distracting. Thus, choosing the right sized artwork is important along with its placement. For example, large, colorful artwork is more suitable for reception, cafeterias while intriguing artwork is apt for conference rooms and meeting areas. For individual work areas, it’s better to go with simple and standard sized wall frames that do not look too busy.

5. Customized wall art

If you are too sensitive about your office decor you can opt for custom graphic art with your brand color and logo. It will add a unique touch to the interior. For reference check the interior done by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Apart from the above if you have corridors or passages in the office area you can hang three or four small art pieces that display company philosophies, passions, achievements, and social initiatives. This will give an engaging look but not distracting.

One more thing we would like to add that since offices are one of such places where people visit from all religions, castes, beliefs, and prejudices, it’s good to stay neutral and attempt not to hurt the sentiments of anyone involved. So, opt for neutral pieces of artwork that are more focused on inspiring rather than raising any emotional issues. At ConnectArt we deal in every kind of artwork, also create personalized graphics and hangings. Please do a visit at our office or have a look at