From Where and Why You Should Buy Fiberglass Sculpture

Modern Outdoor Sculpture
By now you all know that fiberglass sculptures nowadays are widely appreciated by a wide audience. This is because of the material’s stiffness and durability. Not only that, if you go a bit deeper; you will find that this material has countless benefits to offer. But before you go and get the beautiful piece of the sculpture from any fiberglass sculpture company, you must dig some information about the quality product and the organization you are buying from.

Let us see why you choose fiberglass as your medium of sculpture-

Though it is one of the durable, fire-resistant, stiff, and strongest materials of the world statues or sculptures made out of it are very lightweight in comparison to other metal statues or glass statues. And hence, big statues too are easier to carry from one place to another.

It won’t wrap like wood or will be rusted like iron when exposed to moister. Or will be affected by insects, mold or mildew.

Unlike steel, it won’t be rusted by harsh weather or chemicals as it is highly corrosion resistant.

The shape remains as it is even though heavy handling and usage.

The material combination contains resin, reinforcements, additives, surface veil (enhances corrosion resistance, UV protection and appearance of the workpiece.)

Now that you have so many reasons to have it, why not buy it from a reputed company in your own city! In Kolkata, ConnectArt is one such well-known fiberglass sculpture company upon whom you can rely blindly.

ConncetArt is a hub of extremely talented and dedicated sculpture artists who aspire to design creative and unique sculptures in order to supply you with the best quality products. The artists at ConnectArt prepare the basic structure and the clay mould. If it is a custom order from your side, they will go to the next level once you approve the clay mould. The next level starts with fiber casting, brassing, and cleaning. Primers are added to the sculpture to increase the longevity of colors. Artists take the utmost care to the final product and make sure that there is no glitch and you are 100 percent satisfied.

At ConectArt you can find a variety of fiber sculptures such as children’s park decorative items and fiber statues, sculpture for a public and private garden,modern and abstract sculptures, statues of gods like Shiva, Buddha and many others. They also provide fiberglass statues for indoor and outdoor decoration. The statues are extremely beautiful in design and execution. They produce sculpture statues of any height and design as required by you. And you can have them at affordable rates.

So, whenever you think of buying a fiberglass sculpture keep ConnectArt at the top of your list and do not forget to share your experience at