Tips: How to Display Your Indoor Fiberglass Sculpture

Indoor Fiberglass Sculpture
If you want to give your home a rich, multi-layered look three-dimensional pieces are essential. And, of course, one large indoor fiberglass sculpture makes quite the statement. Incorporating and well-placed pieces add value to the decor in a variety of ways.

Set the space for the sculpture

Just buying and placing is not enough. As sculptures are a three-dimensional art form, these works must be viewable from multiple angles. Think and try to place them in the center of the living room. This will get the best optimal view of the sculpture. But if this placing obstructs the room’s traffic flow, you may want to choose a different spot.

Displaying a sculpture at eye-level is recommended for optimal viewing. Because eye lines help determine whether the sculpture in the room is going without interfering with the room’s functionality.

Shelves or pedestals are also ideal spots. You may also reassess a space in walls or within a bookcase. Side tables in bedrooms are also great locations, as they are typically out of the way.

Lighting the Way

Lighting plays a big role in displaying sculptures. However, too much light may wash out the details, while less will not enough to showcase the beauty.

Including daylight from the windows, sculptures can be well-lit by diffused light sources. You can think of placing lamps beside the sculptures that can serve a dual purpose—lighting both the room and the artwork.

When picking and placing matters

When sculptures are smaller in size, placing them on shelves and tables are ideal. But a larger work will benefit from a pedestal. Also, you must choose the table or the pedestal material that will not look out of place in the room. Additionally, these placing tools must not as attractive as the sculpture, or it may draw attention away from the sculpture. But instead, it should blend in with the rest of the room furniture.

While placing or deciding the place for a large sculpture keep in mind that the placement must not hinder or block any walking paths. Otherwise, people may feel frustrated out of it. And most importantly, a pedestal or the table should be sturdy enough to hold the sculpture.

If you keep these simple tips in mind when displaying sculptures your works will certainly add a new dynamic to your home or office decor.

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