Enrich Your Interior with Fiber Sculpture

fiber Sculpture
Till now whatever decor tips we have shared with you among them fiber sculpture is one of the most wonderful décor items. fiber is the modern artistic medium to produce sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. The fiber objects are very fascinating and are intended to make a sculptural or decorative statement.

The fiber art industry is dominated by fiberglass blowers for a certain time, but the new rising fiber sculpture companies have taken the challenge and taken it up to an extraordinary level of the art form. One such company in Kolkata namely ConnectArt has made out some of the finest optical lead crystal and dichroic fiber that has been meticulously cut and polished. Each sculpture piece features more than a hundred cuts and naturally sparkles like large diamonds. The beauty and complexity of the glass sculptures make them ConnectArt’s one of the most demanding sculptures.

The founder Mr. Bibhor Singhania is a man of ideation and creation for all his fiber sculptures. Being one of his favorite segments of the art form Mr. Singhania’s view on fiber sculpture is ‘Though it may shatter with incredible ease, surprisingly it behaves like a solid material. You can find fiber anywhere-everywhere you look- windows at home, a fiber mirror, fiber utensils, and many others. So why not sculpture!’

Fiberglass is one of the world’s most versatile human-created materials. The useful properties of this popular material have bound us to adore it and place it in our homes. The main features that made people make sculpture out of fiber are- it is transparent, it is inexpensive to make, easy to shape when it’s molten, reasonably resistant to heat, chemically inert (a fiberglass jar doesn’t react with the things you put inside it), and can be recycled any number of times.

Modern fiberglass artists have added various new techniques and skills to make beautiful fiber artwork looking at customers’ increasing demands. The artists at ConnectArt use a variety of techniques like sandblasting, cutting, grinding, polishing and engraving to create unique pieces of art. Special glues are also applied for cold working to adhere to fiberglass pieces together. These techniques are important for fiber art repair and restoration.

If any point of time you want to witness the fiber sculpture gallery of ConnectArt Kolkata let us know on 90512 07060 or contact us at connect@connectart.in