Wood Sculptures for You from the Woods

Wooden sculpture manufacturer
How much you like your wood sculptures? No doubt to the most.

Do you know how much effort the turners put into for any small or big piece of wood sculpture! Yes, they are very serious about their work so that they can offer you the best sculpture art work. Know the wood story from one of the best wooden sculpture manufacturer in Kolkata.

Making of a fine wood sculpture is based on choosing the appropriate wood for carving. Beside the type of wood there are many other factors that matters in carving the woods-

  • The wood must be soft enough to cut easily with a chip-carving knife

  • If the wood is hard a chisel or mallet is needed

  • Need to check if the carving will have a natural finish that will show the wood’s color and grain. If not it has to be painted

The different types of wood and their characteristics are-

Brass wood – Cream in color, easy to carve and excellent for whittling and painted sculpture

Butternut – Light brown in color, pattern is distinct grain, good for natural-finished sculpture, also very soft and very easy to carve

Cherry – Reddish brown in color, difficult to carve yet excellent for natural-finish sculpture

Mahogany – Dark reddish brown in color, it is an excellent choice for natural finish sculpture.

Maple – Light yellowish brown in color, gets very hard when kiln dried, difficult to carve but finishes well

Pine – this is aromatic and cream in color, this wood is soft and good for whittling, though prominent growth rings but may cause problems carving

Walnut – Dark brown in color, this wood is excellent for natural-finish sculpture and finishes well

In Spite of having their own color and characteristics work pieces vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and location.

Wood sculpture has a long and rich history. Since the early humans to the modern people it remains relevant. There are myriad ways to create and manipulate wood crafts. And ConnectArt is doing the best of it in Kolkata. If you are looking for any beautifully unexpected wooden sculptures you must visit the gallery at least once before hopping somewhere else. You can reach them through the website that is www.connectart.in or call them at 90512 07060