Discover Daily Inspiration with Visual Asset

Posted On : September 24th, 2019

Unique sculptures for saleWhen we think of decorating with sculptures, very few of us think about placing the sculptures as an indoor decoration. But a life-size sculpture seen in the parks or any other public places inspire us to keep such one at our own place.

Whether you are an art lover or not artwork has been part of our culture for many millennia. Art and sculpture brings a refreshing blend of creativity, awakens our imagination, transforms our homes and expresses who we really are. At Connect Art we’re creating a world where artists can make a living doing what they love. Anyone here can easily find original and unique sculpture for sale, no matter their taste or budget. We sell a sculpture that changes lives.

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Materials and Techniques to Manufacture Sculptures

Posted On : March 19th, 2018

Materials and Techniques to Manufacture SculpturesThe top Sculpture Manufacturer in India makes the use of the most durable materials for manufacturing the sculptures using different techniques.

Different materials are used by the best Sculpture Manufacturer in India for manufacturing sculptures. The materials with excellent durability include the metals like bronze and other materials like wood, stone, glass, and fiber. Less expensive but more common materials are used for making sculptures for border consumption including the hardwoods such as boxwood, oak, lime or linden. Ceramic is also used for carving out these figures. Wax is used for casting as well as receiving the impressions of the engraved gems and the cylinder seals. The statuettes are often painted. Different painting techniques are used in sculpture making like oil painting, tempera, house paint, gilding, enamel, sandblasting, and aerosol.

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Materials Used for Making an Outdoor Modern Sculpture

Posted On : February 7th, 2018

Materials Used for Making an Outdoor Modern SculptureAn Outdoor Modern Sculpture can be made up of different materials such as metals like brass, bronze, or copper, stones, clay, wood, glass, fiber, etc.

The classic techniques of making an Outdoor Modern Sculpture usually demands for clay, wood, marble, clay, brass, or bronze. However, the most durable materials are chosen for making these statuettes.

A Few more Exotic Materials Include Glass, Fiber, and even Ice:-

Stone:- Stones are very tough sculpting material, a false stroke on hammer on chisel and the full sculpture is permanently left damaged. Due to the cost of the working stone and the vindictive nature, most of the beginners opt for a sculpture manufacturing training. Stone is demanded the most due to the ability of it to endure ages, high-grade, and the impressive prices of different types of stones.

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Evaluation and Development of Modern Sculptures

Posted On : January 5th, 2018

Evaluation and Development of Modern SculpturesThe Company – Connect Art Kolkata incorporates the most unique sculptures in different sizes to fit in different nooks and corners of a space.

For hundreds of years, sculptures has played several roles in the life of humans. The sculptures of the ancient days were made and supplied to the temples and the rich people. After the dawn of the civilization, statuettes were made in the form of many religious figures. Even the ancient kings used to get their statues carved with the thought that their statues will help them to stay immortal. The Greek people made sculptures that represented perfectly form women and men.

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Top Four Tips to Help You Buy Garden Sculpture

Posted On : September 18th, 2017

Garden Sculptures

Connect Art Kolkata are now providing solutions to make gardens look good. Sculptures which were restricted to galleries can now adorn in the garden.

Is the garden adjacent to your house a rather drab looking piece of land?  Instead of being bothered by the state of things, if you simply contact agencies such as Connect Art Kolkata you will be able to find artistic solutions easily. With the right touch of art, you can create an enchanting effect in this seemingly monotonous concrete jungle. Garden sculptures that you have so far only seen in galleries and high-end magazines can now be brought closer to you, thus enabling you to create a fantastic retreat in your own backyard.

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Four Reasons Why Having a Garden Sculpture Is a Great Idea

Posted On : July 12th, 2017

Metropolitan cities in today’s world are highly congested. There are space constraints everywhere and living in a well connected area with ample space is next to impossible. Amidst all this having a garden can be a welcome respite. Not only can children play there safely, but even adults can get the chance to socialize and relax. A flower garden is very archaic in nature and maintaining seasonal flowers can be quite a hassle. But luckily enough there is an interesting alternative to hiring full time gardeners. You can simply contact a Contemporary Garden Sculpture Service Provider in the city!

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