Unique Sculptures for Sale

Posted On : October 18th, 2019

Unique Sculptures for Sale
Buying and investing in sculpture is like any other normal investment. You’re not only investing your hard-earned money but investing space in your home. Therefore we advise only to buy sculptures from a trusted company or artist with a long-standing reputation. Don’t be pressured, a good and trustworthy sculpture dealer wants a long term relationship with you as a sculpture buyer.

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Graphic Design Artwork

Posted On : October 16th, 2019

Graphic Design Artwork While we think of renovating or restructuring our interior with artworks, perhaps it’s not the first room which comes to mind as a destination for art. After all, the bathroom is also space which offers a prime opportunity to display your artwork and a graphic design artwork suits best for this space.

Wonder! After all, this is an area that is regularly used by you and your guests. Why not give it an innovative look and give your guests an opportunity to explore similar ideas for their own spaces.

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5 Success Strategies to follow by Sculpture Artist

Posted On : October 14th, 2019

Professional Sculpture Artist in Kolkata If you are a sculpture artist having your gallery or a professional sculpture artist in Kolkata and want to see your carrier graph going high, here are five secret strategies to become successful. As an artist, these strategies are certainly not the only ones that are important to consider, but these are some of the core strategies that may have a huge impact on your success.

Define what Success Means

The definition of success varies dramatically from one artist to the next. To some artists, success has nothing to do with money. Success for them come from the satisfaction of creating work that is unique and innovative. Others enjoy the thrill of sharing their talents with the mass and the adulation they receive for their work. Entrepreneurial artists tend to focus on creating work that will appeal to a broad audience. They align their passion and sales efforts and focus not only on creating but also on presenting their work in front of potential buyers.

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Dining Room Wall Art

Posted On : October 11th, 2019

Dining Room Wall Art Do not underestimate the power of dining room wall art. Your dining room is the hub for your family meals. And your stunning dining room wall art can make every dinner special. To make it happen, give your dining room the makeover it deserves with fresh and modern design ideas. Not only expensive furniture will serve your purpose, but some inexpensive quick fixes like wall art can also make some big changes, let’s see how

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Office Wall Art Idea

Posted On : October 11th, 2019

Office Wall Art Idea As you have tuned up with us, we have gathered a collection of ideas and tips on how to dress up your boring office walls with digital paint, wall hanging, fabric showcasing and more. Let’s have a tour with our wall décor expert with the office wall art ideas that are sure to add style to your office.

Go for large

An extra-large painting will command everyone’s attention and set the tone in a small space. A black-and-white or a varying tone of any single color painting will add color in a minimalist space.

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A Guide to Beautify Your Garden

Posted On : October 10th, 2019

A Guide to Beautify Your Garden If you have a small piece of land in front of your house or the backyard, by placing a graceful trellis or a weathered fountain you can turn it into a perfect eye-soothing ornamented garden. Whether it is a small privet garden at the heart of Kolkata city or a classic suburban backyard, to make it a pleasant one, require a lot of hard work. Putting plants, shade, seating, walkways, possible water features, and grass, still you could feel missing something: a garden sculpture art.

Garden ornament or garden sculpture art adds another dimension to the piece of land and give it a year-round appeal. Here are some tips and tricks to guide how you shape the garden sculpture that will help complete the look of the landscape.

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Important Facts to Consider Before Buying Your Best Home Artwork

Posted On : October 3rd, 2019

Important Facts to Consider Before Buying Your Best Home Artwork
Now that you have become quite knowledgeable about sculpture, let’s drive you right into exploring artwork for your home and exactly what type of art represents YOU accurately.

While you are surfing the big art-world for the best artwork for your home you may get a bit tangled on what you need to focus! In the contemporary art market, searching for your first piece—consider certain things such as beautifulness, magnificently stunning, soul-changing works of art that personify your taste, your look, your energy.

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World Famous Outdoor Sculptures and Parks that One Must View

Posted On : October 1st, 2019

Unique sculptures for sale We often think viewing art is an indoor experience. But today’s famous outdoor sculpture parks and garden sculptures across the world encourage viewers to fan out, mill the grounds and stumble upon incredible works of art.

Focusing on modernist and contemporary artists, many of the sites have both permanent collections and a set of rotating exhibitions for a different experience for visitors year-round. Let’s take a look at some of the world-class sculptures that may feel you travel the world.


In Poland, the monument is located in the busy section of Wroclaw. The monument was opened for public on the 24th anniversary of martial law. The people, who were living at the time of martial law, know that it is real. These fourteen life-size characters are made of bronze.

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Pushing the Limits of Wood

Posted On : September 27th, 2019

Unique sculptures for saleWooden sculpture manufacturer – Have you seen our recent wood creation series on musical figures in Siddha House or the statue of Lord Buddha at OZONE? Aren’t those amazing!

These striking figures have risen up the aura of the buildings. As a wooden sculpture manufacturer, we know how to communicate with the atmosphere, more appropriately when the sculptures are meant for indoors.

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Know your Antique Bronze Sculpture

Posted On : September 25th, 2019

Antique Bronze Sculpture ManufacturersHave you ever wondered why some bronze figures are priced in the lacs and others in the low thousands? This is not only because of the quality of the work but also the name of the sculptor and often the foundry mark. Even slight damage can lower the price. Authentic antique bronze sculptures are considered to be those that are made from the original molds or maquettes and cast by the licensed manufacturers or foundries. By years of handling antiques, we have gained knowledge that there are some clear indications relating to materials and processes which deviate inauthentic bronze sculptures from the authentic antique sculpture.

If you are a beginner as a collector you need a lot to know before paying big money. Keep in mind these factors –

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