Create a Dynamic Surrounding with Sculptures

outdoor modern sculpture

The Sculpture Manufacturer in Kolkata uses of raw materials and machineries to bring out the most attractive garnishing pieces for interiors and exteriors.

There are different forms of sculptures. The indispensable traditional forms of this three dimensional Art are:-

The Free-Standing forms of Sculptures:- The sculptures of this form remains surrounded by spaces on all sides.

Relief Sculptures:- This form encompasses the bas-relief, haut-relief, alto-relief and sunken relief sculptures in which the design remains fixed to the background mostly of stone or wood.

The key elements considered while sculpture making are the plane, line, colour, form, space, and texture.  Sculptures can be of a solitary figure, human posture, a figure resembling an animal or of any other abstract shape.

Any material that is capable to stand in the given three dimensional shapes can be used for sculpting. But some of the materials like marble, clay, wood, ivory, bronze, and plaster have exceptional attributes and have proved to be the most preferable materials of the sculptors since prehistoric times due to the hardness and the durability of these materials.

The Sculpture Manufacturer in Kolkata follows the Steps of Sculpture Making one by one to Create the Most Flawless Pieces:-

First of all a sketch of the sculpture is made. Here the customer is allowed to speak about the preferences he or she would like to get incorporated in the sculpture. Like the shape, size, colour and the material.

According to the sketch, the basic form is carved out using the raw materials or metals and the machineries. A base can be made on which the sculpture can be build to make it stronger. If the base is added later on then it may not be so much durable and structurally sound. The base can be of any hard material like wood, stone or any other hard metal. In this step, the measurement of the place where it is to be kept is also considered to make it according to that size or dimension.

In the third step, a printing machine is used to make the cuttings and depths on the material.

After the completion of the carving process, the sculptures are polished with sandpapers or other polishing machines. The finest sandpaper is rubbed on the body of the sculpture until it is as smooth as wanted.

The sculptures are then painted using special type of paints depending on the type of material used for making it. The shades may be chosen by the customer also. Additional touches of mix media can make it look more realistic.

These figurines can be bought to prettify any interior zone or can be placed in an exterior to make livelier. An outdoor area is the first zone noticed by the neighbours and the guests visiting your place. Hence, it is definitely a great idea to make the outdoors creative and eye-grabbing. Placing flower pots is a very common idea and requires everyday maintenance and regular investment. But placing sculptures is a one-time investment and a more creative idea to decorate the exterior land. An Outdoor Modern Sculpture in any abstract shape or human form removes the dullness from the land and makes it active. Outdoor sculptures can be made comparatively bigger than the interior ones since the exterior land is an open area. Many public places also prefer to adorn the entrance zones with these carvings.