Dress Up Your Blank Walls with Style

artwork for wall decoration
Most people buy art to decor their homes. Because buying artworks do not come naturally unless you are an art curator, an artist or a gallery owner. So you may be worried while choosing the size or the colors to match your home style. Choosing stylish artwork for wall decoration is much more intuitive than one might think if you follow a few simple rules.

Our previous article Pro Tips for Choosing Wall Decor by Size has given you the ideas on how you can select artworks by size that goes perfectly with the home space or the furniture nearby. But just the size is not enough, the style of the artwork also matters for the home interior. For instance, for the sports room, a large oil painting of Buddha is not the one that the room truly needs.

Also, the key to buying and displaying stylish art is what you love around you and you want to get it for your home. You feel attached to it. However, it does not have to be expensive or valuable but must provide you with great pleasure on a daily basis. So, there is no harm in using artwork to decorate your home’s walls at an affordable price.

So what style should be adopted? Decorating your home based on style, of all of the ways choose the wall art, the style might be the most natural for that room. However, more than anything, selecting a wall art by style is partially personal. For example, the styles you may include a focused antique piece, a bright and bold color form, or a Bohemian look.

Let us share a secret trick for style following- if you are a follower of M.F. Husain, you can mimic your home based on the style of Modern Painting done by him.

As a specialist in artwork, ConnectArt suggests making your decisions based on what you like after applying specific parameters like size or color scheme at your home. Even after that if you are you at a loss of where to start, try to find a piece for each of the following categories:

  • Choose pieces that match the style of your room, such as include the furniture you already have or the articles you have accumulated along the way.

  • Try to fix at least one significant or oversized piece of work that you would love to see for years.

  • Purchase a set of artworks of similar style, a trio, or even a group of mini or small pieces. These go great in a living room above windows or on short walls.

  • Emphasize on different kinds of frames to distinguish your style whether it is through matching or mismatched ones.

  • You can opt for mix materials by adding wooden art or a metal sign to space a specific place.

Now we hope you are ready to brighten up your blank walls with your own style. And this way you will be on your way to becoming your home’s best art curator. And if you need any assistance in finding artworks, ConnectArt Kolkata is loaded up with their collection.